NoName Hitch Hiker

I’ve completed the newest 2013 NoName model, and I’m calling it the NoName Hitch Hiker. It is patterned after a 1915 Washburn parlor guitar given to me a few years ago by a good friend. The Hitch Hicker has a 21 3/4″ scale and an overall length of 33″. The acoustic qualities of this guitar include typical NoName projection and evenness. It has such a complete sound and dynamic range for such a small body, lending itself to be a perfect travel guitar. The mold for the Hitch Hiker is number twelve for NoName Guitars. I’ve built a total of fourteen distinct models now, and I can custom-build any guitar to meet your needs and spark your inspiration. Check out the pictures!

Hitch Hiker

Hitch Hiker

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