I’m a 3rd generation Colorado native, and I’ve been living in the mountains west of Denver since 1974. There have always been two constants in my life: woodworking and music. My woodworking began with my father the pattern-maker, who built wooden patterns for metal castings. Long before I started building homes, cabinets, or instruments, I learned from him the importance of the smallest detail in any project.  This attention to detail gave me a frame of reference that has carried through in my home-construction, remodel work, furniture, cabinetry, fine-woodworking, and ultimately, in the guitars I’ve made. I’ve been building guitars now since 1999, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to intertwine my two passions.

The molds I use to bend my sides and many other tools I utilize in my process are completely handmade, just like the guitars. Or as my daughter would say, I have a lot of ‘contraptions.’ I’ve always believed the environment you build for yourself is another tool for facilitating creativity and growth in life. Most of my work is done in my shop, or sometimes in the living room of our house, both of which I built myself. I take pride in the idea and practice of self-sufficiency.

I play to sing, and my music is about performance. There’s nothing I enjoy more about music than sharing it with other people through live performance. For all the gratification I have from building guitars and watching these woodworking projects come to life, their real lives and mine are dependent on a live audience.  Of all the wonderful instruments I’ve owned, and the amazing places they’ve taken me, playing an instrument I built myself has elevated my music to a whole other level. My hope is that the instruments I am creating can do the same for others as well.

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